Carbon Farming
March 21, 2023

5 Principles of Carbon Farming

Carbon farming focuses on practices that enhance soil carbon storage and promote biodiversity. This approach also improves water systems and enhances ecosystem services. As a result, many farming strategies that foster landscape-wide carbon storage generate multiple co-benefits for farmers and their lands regarding income, farm productivity, soil health and environmental improvements. Reduce tillage Tillage is […]

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January 11, 2023

Can you name the most polluting country?

If you’re interested in the environment, you’ll want to know the countries with the worst polluters. This article will look at the United States, Japan, Kuwait, and India. You’ll learn why each country ranks high in polluted air, water, and land. India India is among the world’s most polluted countries. The country has 140 million […]

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Khory Hancock
December 20, 2022

What Are the Methods of Carbon Farming?

Carbon farming is an emerging field that involves several different techniques. These include soil amendments, no-till farming, and forest management practices. Soil amendments Soil amendments are used to improve the properties of the soil. They are typically derived from animal waste but can also include regionally appropriate carbon-based materials. They may store carbon, increase soil […]

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