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Khory Hancock is an accomplished Australian Environmental Scientist offering more than a decade of experience, an unwavering passion for nature, and a specialized skill set in land and marine regenerative carbon and biodiversity practices. He has grown to become a seasoned leader in the environmental field and provides additional auditing and project management skills across multiple industries. Furthermore, he has become widely recognized as an influencer in the environmental space, an esteemed storyteller in written and film formats, and an accomplished entrepreneur running multiple successful businesses.

Environmental Scientist

Growing up on an expansive 30,000-acre cattle property in Carnarvon Gorge National Park, north of Roma, Queensland, Australia, Hancock naturally developed a deep affinity and connection to nature. The area's ecological diversity helped foster an innate appreciation for the natural world and agriculture. Hancock chose to specialize in environmental science with a focus on the agricultural, environmental and carbon farming industry.

He worked in the mining resource sector across Queensland and New South Wales as an environmental advisor, which helped him to gain skills from blue chip companies.. It didn't take long for Hancock to merge the power of technology with his passion for regeneration as he managed sheep and cattle stations scattered across western Queensland and New South Wales for carbon farming. He gained valuable experience while working on these pioneer projects. This consisted of Hancock undertaking vegetation mapping, negotiating with farmers, and demonstrating expert-level competence in carbon farming processes.

During Hancock's 12-year career in regenerative and environmental practices, he has established himself as a skilled leader within many large, blue-chip corporations. He has consistently demonstrated an exceptional grasp of quality, safety, and environmental management systems, especially focusing on:

  • Carbon abatement in land management and restorative practices
  • Waste management
  • Water
  • Carbon farming
  • Greenhouse gas reporting
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental data collection/reporting and auditing

Over his illustrious career, Hancock has excelled at different companies and roles, including as a carbon and environmental farming advisor and environmental superintendent. Presently, he is the Managing Director and founder of a carbon project developer company.

Related Fields and Association Affiliations

While Khory Hancock earned his duo Bachelor of Environmental Science and Planning degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast, he has continued to expand his expertise throughout his professional career. One area he has thrived has been leadership and business management skills across various industries, including:

  • Mining and gas resources sector
  • Construction and carbon farming industry
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Lead auditing

Because of these diverse experiences, Hancock has become an active member of many professional associations. This includes as a accredited professional to the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) and Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) to IECA. He embraces the science of sediment control and surface erosion to create site-specific plans and designs that address potential and current erosion and sedimentation. He is also a Land Restoration Fund/Carbon Farming Advisor — where he helps landowners understand the implications and opportunities of undertaking a carbon farming project while driving other outcomes.

Between 2013 and 2016, Hancock served as a founding member of the Southern Queensland Land Rehabilitation Group (SQLRG). This organization promotes and discusses best practices for land management and rehabilitation issues. In 2015, Hancock was selected as an ambassador for Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project in Australia. Through this international initiative, he received training from the former US vice-president to help amplify his ability to deliver educational presentations on climate change and the environment.

A Storyteller with a Cause

Driven by his passion for environmental issues, Khory Hancock has learned to leverage the power of storytelling and digital media to broaden awareness of environmental and sustainability issues. He has mastered the art of storytelling in various forms including:

  • Public speaking - Hancock has emerged as a highly sought MC and event speaker
  • Influencer content - He has amassed thousands of followers with whom he actively engages and educates on environmental issues
  • Written literature - Hancock is developing a forthcoming book, Carbon Millionaire, on strategies to revive both people and nature

By using social media, speaking engagements, and other mediums, Hancock masterfully influences behavioral change, one person at a time.

However, his most profound storytelling journey has been in the development of three documentaries he self-funded and produced. These visionary documentaries revolved around environmental issues and aimed to create change through powerful visuals and compelling messaging. To help ensure his environmental messages resonate, Hancock developed the worldwide persona known as The Environmental Cowboy. Leveraging wit, humor, educational content, and entertaining videos, The Environmental Cowboy has become a household name regarding climate science. He uses this persona to identify the current and future challenges faced by Australia and the world.

Memorable Career Moments

As a world-renowned personality, Khory Hancock and The Environmental Cowboy have enjoyed countless memorable moments. However, one of the highlights of his career was when he was honored by his home state — Queensland, Australia— where his passion and love for the environment were birthed. In 2016 Hancock was honored as a finalist in the Young Queenslander of the Year in the Environmental and Sustainability Award category. Throughout his career, he has dazzled audiences as an inspiring keynote speaker and MC of National climate and carbon conferences across Australia. Most notably, Khory hosted the Australian-based episode of the Discovery channel's hit science series, What On Earth?

Most recently, Khory also won the Global Talent Award for the SDG 14 Life on Water Category for his regenerative seaweed carbon project. Out of over 1500 applicants worldwide showcasing the best selected talents and ideas, Khory’s innovation, creativity and business mindset allowed him to take out the top prize.

Amid all of his accomplishments, Hancock remains grateful to have helped to implement the world's largest restoration project in Australia. The Carbon Farming Initiative is a global restoration effort designed to help rehabilitate

agricultural areas that may suffer from certain farming habits. Hancock's help extended the Carbon Farming Initiative to revive water quality in Australia's Great Barrier Reef Catchment area (GBR). This vast, living, and breathing organism stretches an expansive 350,000 sq km and is home to tens of billions of living coral.

As of late, Khory has adopted a 'blue carbon' methodology while working on an open ocean seaweed farming project. He is also developing his third documentary film called ‘The Last Blue Hope.’ This feature film explores the marine restoration solutions for the ocean to help counteract the climate shift.


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