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Khory Hancock is a seasoned environmental scientist specializing in techniques for revitalizing terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. He has extensive leadership and project management expertise in a wide variety of sectors, and he also has certification as a lead auditor. And that's not all: Hancock is also an entrepreneur, a writer, and a filmmaker, among other things.

Growing up on a cattle station that spanned thirty thousand acres along the edge of Carnarvon Gorge National Park north of Roma, Queensland, Australia, planted the seeds for Hancock's lifelong love of the outdoors. Being exposed to such a wide variety of ecosystems as a child gave Hancock a profound respect for the environment and a belief in the power of natural processes for healing. He had always been interested in the environment, so it was only natural to pursue a career in environmental research in the carbon farming industry.

He attended U. of S. C. and now holds a BS and BA in Environmental Science and Environmental Planning from U. of S. C.

Beginning his career in Queensland and New South Wales, Khory Hancock served as an environmental advisor for the mining resource sector. Early in his career, he operated cattle and sheep stations in western Queensland and New South Wales for carbon farming, where he could blend technology's efficacy with his enthusiasm for revitalization. Vegetation mapping, farmer negotiations, and knowledge of carbon farming procedures all required using ArcGIS, Trimble/GPS equipment, and software applications for this project.

As a result of his 12 years of experience in regenerative and environmental practices and his rise through the ranks of major corporations, Hancock has a deep knowledge of safety, quality, and environmental management systems. He has paid special attention to the areas of carbon abatement accrual in land management and restorative practices, carbon farming, water, and waste management, greenhouse gas reporting, and environmental data collection/reporting.

Khory has served as an environmental and carbon farming advisor, as well as the general manager of a carbon project development company, among many other responsibilities, and for many other companies over the years.

As Khory Hancock's career in environmental science has progressed, he has branched out into related areas. These services include lead auditing, carbon farming, transportation and infrastructure development, construction, and mining and gas resource management.

Hancock is a member of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia, one of his many professional organizations (ISCA). He is a Land Restoration Fund/Carbon Farming Advisor, a QLD Accredited Agricultural Advisor, and a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC).

Hancock participated in the Southern Queensland Land Rehabilitation Group (SQLRG) from 2013 to 2016, an organization whose mission is to promote and discuss best practices in rehabilitation and land management challenges. In 2015, Hancock gained prominence in Australia after being named an ambassador for The Climate Reality Project, an initiative launched by Al Gore. In this program, he was instructed by the former US vice president on how to give speeches about climate change and the environment to educate the public.

Khory Hancock has learned, through experience, the importance of narrative in communicating environmental and sustainability-related messages. Public speaking (Hancock has become a sought-after master of ceremonies and event speakers), influencer content, and his forthcoming book, Carbon Billionaire, all serve as examples of how Hancock has used storytelling to spread his message and inspire action. In his public talks and on social media, he explains the basics of climate science and points out some of the most pressing problems that Australia and the rest of the world will face soon.

Hancock believes strongly in the power of storytelling via film to generate change, and his three self-funded documentaries focused on environmental issues are perhaps his most meaningful storytelling trip to date.

Hancock has created a character called The Environmental Cowboy to help him on his storytelling journey. He uses humor and entertaining videos to teach people about climate science and the challenges Australia and the world face.

There have been several highlights in Hancock's career. The Australian state of Queensland, where he grew up and developed his environmental consciousness, named him a finalist for its 2016 Young Queenslander of the Year Environmental and Sustainability Award. Throughout his career, he has served as the master of ceremonies and the keynote speaker at national climate and carbon conferences throughout Australia. Khory has also hosted an episode of What On Earth?, a popular scientific program on the Discovery Channel set in Australia.

Khory Hancock is very appreciative of the opportunity to have worked on the largest restoration project in the world in Australia. Restoring land damaged by livestock and crops is a global focus of the Carbon Farming Initiative. With Hancock's assistance, this is now being applied to the 350,000 square kilometer area, including the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) in Australia, which is home to tens of billions of coral reef organisms.

Recently, Khory has been engaged in a 'blue carbon' initiative involving the cultivation of seaweed in open ocean environments. He is presently in production on his third documentary, "The Last Blue Hope," which will examine marine restoration options for the ocean to help prevent climate change.


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